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Dear folks at Blessed Botanicals,

I was applying your Foot and Heel Balm to my dry, deeply cracked heels tonight and thinking about how much I appreciate what you do. Since I found this amazing stuff at Sundance Natural Foods, you have literally been keeping me up on my feet.

I work on my feet all day, outdoors. In the winter, that means confining my feet to boots and itchy wool socks. In summer, I wear sandals and dust. A lot of dust.

In the past, my heels cracked so deeply that they bled, my toes itched, my skin peeled. To top it off, I'm diabetic, and my doctor is was always telling me I need to take better care of my feet. Since I found you foot balm, my feet are able to heal overnight. No more itching or painful cracked heels.

I truly had tried just about everything on the market before this - Lubriderm, Corn Husker's Lotion, Vitamin E oil, petroleum jelly, tea tree oil....you name it, I've probably tried it. Nothing worked until your foot balm came.

My only fear is that you'll stop making this wonderful product. Please keep it up.

Thank you so much for improving my quality of life. The work you do means a lot to me.

Take care!

I love the Blessed Botanicals product line because it is safe and natural body care for the whole family.

My locks are growing wonderfully with lots of strength and luster thanks to the Frankinsence Healthy Hair Pomade. I use it on my children as well. My family and friends love it too. I can't keep enough of it! I usually buy extra so I can share the blessings.

The city of Philadelphia is absolutely addicted to the The Ultimate Lip Balm! When the weather is extreme it is the ultimate protection against the cold or heat. Massive big ups to Blessed Botanicals!

Marina James- Velardo (Philadelphia, PA.)


Your Body Butters aid in my trancendence. Many thanks for your gift to the world.
p.s. I love the Ultimate Lip Balm and Amber Body Butter too.

BreeLyn (Hawaii)


Words fall short when describing Blessed Botanicals' products. Several months ago, on the recommendation from a dear friend, I ordered Healthy Hair Pomade for my son's beautiful shoulder-length, wavy Hispanic hair. The pomade arrived a few days later with a complimentary tube of Peppermint Ultimate Lip Balm. We were so impressed with both products that we repeated
the order. This time there was a little jar of Normal Face Cream. Long story short, each new order came with another sample product so incredible that each has become a favorite and continue to be part of our regular orders. Thank you Blessed Botanicals for taking the time to create and share! I look forward to each month's shipment, as well as the pleasant surprise and benefit of trying each new sample. In the meantime, my family
enjoys daily use of the following products:

Normal Face Cream is balancing and healing; skin feels silky to the touch. Invigorating Body Spritzer has a fresh, mellow scent; creating comfortable, focused energy. Healthy Hair Pomade calms frizzy dead ends; giving hair luster, naturally styled.
Kush Scent is sultry, earthy, and musky. Jasmine Scent has a sweet, sexy bouquet. Frankincense Scent is fresh, spirited and clean. The Ultimate Salve speeds skin healing and is especially soothing to eyes. Peppermint Ultimate Lip Balm is cooling, nourishing, and moisturizing.

Kat (Clearlake, CA.)




Hey Jonathan,
My fav of yours is the Frankincense Hair Pomade; the bomb! I will order that as soon as I am able. I wish I could buy one of everything! Keep up the nice works and its cool also that a man knows how to make these crucial products!

Blessings, Sara (Montana)


Hi Jonathan,
I just bought your Blessed Body Butter at Bumbershoot in Seattle this year and I'd like to buy more -a lot more. Can I still buy your products through the mail? Please let me know how that works. I am definitely hooked on Blessed Botanicals! I would love to talk with you about buying more of your great products like the Blessed Body Oil, the Healthy Hair Pomade and Normal Face Cream and maybe others if I can find the same great quality in your other products. Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for introducing me to the Blessed Body Butter & Blessed Body Oil at Bumbershoot. Please let me know how I can buy more!

Dakota (Everett, Washington)

Hi there,
I was visiting family over the weekend and my aunt had your Kush Healthy Hair Pomade and I love it!!!!! I am just wondering if you have a catalog so I can see what other items you have. I live on the Central coast of California and no one here carries your stuff. So I would love to get a catalog or check out a web site. Thank you for your time!

Maureen Jensen (California)


I am hooked on your Grapefruit Ultimate Lip Balm and Normal Face Cream and usually restock at Sierra Nevada World Music Festival but I am moving to the East Coast before the festival and need to restock on your goods. How can I say this...I'm HOOKED!

Bless, David (California)

I just purchased the coconut body butter to use on my sore, cracked hands as I am a potter and spin clay all day. Instant relief! Your skill is

Carrie (Eugene, Oregon)